Concussions are much more than a bump on the head. Click below to learn more about what a concussion is and its far reaching effects on the athlete, family and community...

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This user friendly and FDA approved computerized baseline test is the cornerstone of a sucsesful concussion management program. Click below to find out more about...

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While nothing in the marketplace today prevents concussions, some products use advanced technology to reduce the risk of injury to the head and heart. Click below for information... 

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Both competitive and recreational sports are a great way to keep in shape, while having fun! It motivates us to build stamina, affords participants the thrills of winning and more importantly, the values of learning from defeat. Team sports unite, helps to create friendships, while teaching responsability and encourages camaraderie. It's no wonder so many parents encourage their children to participate in organized sports and many, many more young poeple are continuing to stay active in sports well into adulthood.


With the increase in the numbr of participants comes the increase in the probability that the number of injuries will also increase. That's why it is so important to know, that if you or your child participates in sports, espesially in a contact sport, you are at an increased risk for a concussion, even multiple concussions.


Concussions have a wide range of effects and no two are ever the same, even for the same athlete. Multiple concussions can lead to prolonged physical and mental health issues, even death. Nothing, as of now, will completely eliminate the risk of concussions and TBI's from contact sports, so, it is important to have a plan in place for reducing the risk of concussions, quickly identify them when they occur and properly manage them so as to reduce the risk of additional injuries with the goal of safley returning the concussed athlete back to a healthy lifestyle of play, school and work.

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